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Our Accommodation

Turbo Staff is an innovative and complete end-to-end recruiter. A unique aspect of our business is our network of worker accommodation across Aotearoa.

Access to accommodation enables us to relocate the best workers to where our clients need them with ease, meaning that no matter where the need is, we can deliver quality candidates quickly, and provide them with comfortable accommodation so they always perform at their best on site.

Our network of properties is also available for use by our clients. In an event there is a project in a remote location, we are well equipped to provide property for short and long-term requirements.

We have an excellent track history of providing shared and single worker accommodation across the main centres of Aotearoa, including remote and rural locations, and also the Pacific Islands.

For more information on what we can offer, please get in touch with us today.

Turbo Staff assisted me in my relocation to Christchurch, finding suitable/affordable accommodation, explaining the type of assistance Work and Income NZ can provide me to help get me off the benefit and into work, and gaining myself full-time employment as an apprenticeship drain layer. Three years on I have passed all my theory studies and I am in the final stages of completing the practical portion of my certification. I love my new career and thank Turbo Staff for seeing the potential I have to share to the workplace.

Hayden Docherty – Drain Layer

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