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Welcome to Turbo Staff

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<div class="tsf_12"><span class="tsf_13">About</span><span class="tsf_14">Job Seeker</span><span class="tsf_15">Employeers</span><span class="tsf_16">Job Listing</span><span class="tsf_17">Accomodation</span><span class="tsf_18">Migrant Recruitment </span><span class="tsf_19">News</span></div>

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<div class="tsf_31"><span class="tsf_32">Welcome to Turbostaff</span><span class="tsf_33">Connecting skilled jobseekers with work and employment 
opportunities in the New Zealand construction industry. </span><span class="tsf_34">We're on the search for electricians, fire alarm installers, carpenters, plumbers, pipe-fitters, machine operators and labourers for roles throughout Aotearoa.</span>

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</div><span class="tsf_57">For Jobseekers</span>

</div><span class="tsf_58">Turbo Staff has experienced recruiters ready to help you find either permanent or temporary contract work anywhere in Aotearoa, Australia and the Pacific Islands.

If you are a candidate looking for a stepping stone into a construction career you were destined for, or simply looking for a change, get in touch or check out the current vacancies in our job listings.</span>

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</div><span class="tsf_68">For Migrant Workers</span>

</div><span class="tsf_69">Turbo Staff utilises experienced and professional licensed immigration advisers to provide expert Aotearoa immigration advice to assist with individual visa and business/employer applications across all industries.

Our advisers are experts in placing migrant and foreign workers into employment opportunities that provide candidates with opportunities to pursue long term career pathways.</span>

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</div><span class="tsf_79">For Employers</span>

</div><span class="tsf_80">We’re passionate about creating a personable approach for our clients as we understand that every company is unique and has its own company culture to uphold.

Through innovative thinking and the latest in worker management technology, we pride ourselves on tackling the tough jobs, and reaching local, national and global candidate pools to find the right candidates for our clients’ needs.

If you are a construction company or a potential client wanting to partner with an agency who will work with you to see your workforce and your business flourish, choose Turbo Staff – the career-focused labour solution.</span>

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</div><span class="tsf_89">What does TurboStaff do?</span>


<div class="tsf_90"><span class="tsf_91">Turbo Staff is an innovative and results driven agency, breaking the mould of traditional on-hire labour, and putting our staff and clients first. We are predominantly a project-based supplier of labour, for construction work in New Zealand, identifying opportunities where our workforce can progress their career ambitions, as well as offering an end-to-end labour solution for our clients in any location.</span><span class="tsf_92">We are a career-focused labour supplier - opening career pathways for our workforce into long term opportunities with our employers of choice - our clients. Our goal is not to have the largest temporary workforce in the market, but to have the largest workforce who have transitioned through our agency onto greater things; empowering those who work for Turbo Staff and gaining satisfaction on seeing them progress in their career.</span></div>



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</div><span class="tsf_110">14,999</span>

</div><span class="tsf_111">Jobs filled in the residential, commercial and infrastructure construction industries</span>



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</div><span class="tsf_121">72%</span>

</div><span class="tsf_122">of our temporary roles result in long-term career opportunities</span>



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</div><span class="tsf_133">29</span>

</div><span class="tsf_134">High profile projects currently supplying staff across Aotearoa, Australia and the Pacific Islands</span>